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Doing PR has always been expensive, especially across multiple countries - not anymore.
Coleegs helps businesses do regional and international PR and provides flexible PR offerings suited to their needs.

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You shouldn't have to pay pricey retainers with minimal or no guarantees.
Nor should you be required to take on multiple agencies across several countries, resulting in fragmented communication.
Businesses are global now, and they deserve better.

Innovating With Tech

At the core of our operations is a state-of-the-art, end to end tech platform, that makes our capabilities possible.

Our innovative tech:

  • Removes unnecessary Agency markups, personnel and admin costs - saving thousands.
  • Comprehensive workflow management - onboarding, data collection, project management and analytics - allowing for seamless Media Outreach delivery.
  • Assign a team of journalists and engage Media Outreach around the globe - in days.

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