Social Media Is Overcrowded With 2 Billion Posts A Day.
It's Time To Stand Out & Invest In Earned Media.

80% of businesses can't tell their story.
PR agencies are expensive, media distribution services are ineffective, and social media is overcrowded.
Businesses deserve better.

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80% of businesses cannot tell their story. Why? Social Media is overcrowded with 2BN posts a day - PR Agencies are expensive and outdated – and ‘Spray and Pray’ news distribution services are ineffective.

Problems exist on the other side of the equation too; the media industry has been drastically affected by the shift to digital and social media - leaving approximately 60% of journalists looking for work or taking on self-employed roles.

Seeing that change was long overdue, entrepreneur Manni Sidhu, his cofounding team, and a global team of PR industry experts went out to tackle the problem, and built ‘Coleegs’ - an End to End platform that specializes in Media Outreach, helping businesses get published in traditional media across the globe.

Their mission - 'To Make Media Outreach Affordable and Borderless.'

With the careful combination of world class journalists, publicists, and digital transformation the Coleegs team built a groundbreaking model for PR, unrivalled by traditional providers:

  • No Retainers – flexible media outreach plans with no expiry.
  • Clients work directly with an individual or team of international journalists and publicists with years of industry ties, knowledge, and strategic capabilities.
  • No Borders – Coleegs has journalists and publicists retained across numerous countries, able to deploy media outreach in Real Time, and at a fraction of the cost to engaging multiple agencies.
  • Performance – our team carefully selects media targets for every client project, no spray and pray.
  • Beyond Press Releases – 90% of press releases don’t get read. Coleegs secures real media coverage – Published Opinion Editorials, Features, Exclusives, Guest Commentary, TV/Radio interviews and more.

The careful application of technology into a traditionally hands-on service driven industry has been instrumental in bringing the capabilities above to market – eliminating unnecessary agency manpower and admin costs, automating time consuming workflows, and the ability to execute projects at scale via custom built collaborations tools.

The result has been beyond expectation – since inception in early 2019, Coleegs has told 200+ stories of businesses and industry leaders across 4 continents – stories that would have otherwise gone untold, and has led to our clients expanding to new markets, building thought leader credibility, growing sales, and much more.

All the while creating a social impact and securing steady income and projects for self-employed journalists across the globe, who can focus on delivery and telling amazing stories.


Coleegs goes beyond press releases, providing our clients with a range of earned media solutions - secured across numerous media outlets.

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Features & Exclusives

Profile Pieces

Press Releases

Trade Media

Guest Commentary

Top Tier Media

TV & Radio


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