80% Of Businesses Can't Tell Their Story

PR agencies are expensive, media distribution services are ineffective, and social media is overcrowded.
Businesses deserve better.

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Coleegs PR launched

We took our idea of flexible, affordable & borderless PR to market, by reaching out to our personal network. We continued hustling for the rest of the year, shaping out the business model, building the platform & onboarding customers.


Coleegs expands to Australia

With the business model refined and seeing the demand for a cross border solution, we quickly expanded to Australia, and began PR project work. We secured our first client right away, and grew organically.


Grew 3X during COVID

With COVID in full effect, the pandemic forced businesses across the globe to cut marketing & PR budgets by up to 80%. Seeing the need for alternative solutions, businesses turned to Coleegs. We doubled down our efforts & grew 3X year-on-year.


300 stories told, across 12 countries, with 125 media outlets reached

With word of mouth spreading, business model refined and great product market fit, 2021 has been incredible. Coleegs grew 5X year-on-year, worked with 100 clients and has a clear vision for the future.


Coleegs expands to New York

Our soft launch in New York will officially put Coleegs on 4 continents, and significantly grow our capabilities. With a growing team of PR professionals and new clients, Coleegs is helping businesses do cross border PR.