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Opinion Editorials (Op-Eds) are a great tool for businesses and individuals to voice their insights. Media is always on the lookout for good, thought provoking, and insightful content.

Work with our team of former journalists and editors who know how to structure Op-Eds that can engage an audience.

Craft and Publish Highly Engaging Opinion Editorials

82% of business decision makers say their trust increases after engaging in thought leadership content. Thought leadership brings credibility, credibility builds trust, trust produces sales.

Whether B2B or B2C - estbalishing thought leader credibility is a priceless asset that leads to increased personal and company brand exposure.

Build Thought Leader Credibility for Senior Level Executives

In a market where every business is posting on overcrowded social media platforms - businesses need to stand out. Earned media - publishing articles and getting featured on reputable third party media is a great strategy to increase brand awareness.

Our team of international PR specialists allows businesses to cut through the noise and gain valuable earned media across numerous countries, and increase brand awareness.

Increase Brand Visibility across Regional and International Markets

Capturing a key theme that large audiences can personally empathize with, can be the magic bullet that puts your company on the map.

Themes are a great mechanism to create talking points with your audience, build increased thought leader credibility - which often leads to increased media interest.

Build Powerful Themes that Resonate with and Amplify your Brand

Managing external communications is no easy task - determining the right approach, type of content, targeting media and relaying your message can be a mammoth task.

Clients should focus on their internal communications and work with professionals to manage their external communications in an unbiased and effective manner.

Support with External Comms & Announcements

As businesses grow across borders, communication becomes more difficult to manage - often assigned to local offices or outsourced to multiple agencies.

Our media outreach business model allows companies to centralize their communications more, allowing for faster, effective and consistent delivery of media outreach. Work across borders with ease.

Manage Media Outreach Projects across Multiple Countries

How It Works


Assess Client Needs

Determine the right media outreach strategy for each project. Op-Eds, announcements, feature stories, countries, publications, and so forth.


Assemble Coleegs Team

Put together the right journalist, writer and PR specialist to deliver the media outreach project.


Craft Media Worthy Content

Depending on the media outreach strategy - clients work our editorial level content writers to construct the content.


Begin Media Outreach

Once the content is finalized, our PR specialist takes over and begins reaching out to targeted media, while keeping the client updated.


Successfully Publish Articles

Just as it sounds - secure the media outreach as outlined, and seek opportunities for follow up media engagements.


Review Media Outreach

Once completed - we assess the impact of the media outreach and determine the next project.

What Our Clients Say

"Enjoy working with the team at Coleegs. Highly effective at Media Outreach across several countries, fantastic writers who understand our brand, and great value from the business model - looking forward to further collaborations."

CEO, Shootsta

"Coleegs is responsive and acutely aware of the media outreach that a start-up initiative needs. The support provided by the team was invaluable in providing LegalGrounds with much needed community awareness. Thank you!"

Daniel Lo, Legal Grounds

"Coleegs through its professionalism and quality writing has enhanced Anapi's brand and positioning in the market as a thought leader. I look forward to collaborating further with Coleegs in the future again."

CEO, Anapi

"Coleegs proved vital in securing the desired PR campaign we were seeking. Their market knowledge helped us leverage the best resources, the entire experience was very easy, collaborative, and produced a great piece that was on brand."

CEO, Chrome Temple

"Unrivaled value. An effective approach to media outreach executed by a team of PR specialists. Coleegs played a vital role in establishing Konsyg as a thought leader across Asia, and raising brand awareness."

CEO, Konsyg

“An innovative model for international PR, that is very affordable with tangible results – a wise alternative to agencies. The Coleegs team are professionals focused on delivery. I look forward to collaborating on future PR projects.”

Managing Director, EGN Singapore

“Coleegs not only gave me access to quality writers and PR professionals who delivered on their promises but they removed the hassle of project managing our campaign.”

CPO, SRS Life Sciences

“Coleegs has been instrumental in their content collaboration with us, especially with project management, fine combing through the requirements and augmenting the outcome based on what we needed. Looking forward to many collaborations together.”

Marketing Head, Perx Technologies