One Platform For Global PR

Thinking outside the box - our team of PR industry experts, entrepreneurs and tech specialists came together and built a platform that brings new PR possibilities for businesses across the globe.

Building Innovative PR Products

Thinking of our clients, we went one step further and built products and solutions suited to the needs of businesses today - starting with our Coleegs Media Outreach service, helping businesses get published in traditional media across the globe.

Automating Workflows Automating Workflows

Automating Workflows

60-70% of PR can be time consuming admin, project management and unncessary manpower costs. We built a suite of tools that eliminate these unnecessary manpower costs, execute PR projects at scale, coordinate global teams, and much more.

Engaging A Global Team Of PR Specialists & Publicists

Vetted and highly seasoned PR industry professionals consisting of journalists, writers and publicists - ready to be deployed to projects.

Upon client onboarding, a team is assigned and specific project tasks get assigned, which are then carried out and overseen via our platform's collaboration tools.

Actionable Insights Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

It's all about data! Thinking one step ahead and providing our clients with project achievable insights on their PR activities, helping them with crucial decisions on how to deploy their PR resources.