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Can media outreach be made affordable and borderless?

In this interview, Manni Sidhu, CEO and co-founder of Coleegs, discusses his journey of entrepreneurship and how he founded Coleegs to make media outreach affordable and borderless leveraging technology.

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Coleegs seeks seed funding ahead of up to USD 7m Series A round in 2H22

Coleegs, a privately owned global Singapore-headquartered media outreach technology and services provider, is seeking seed funding ahead of a USD 5m-USD 7m Series A raise in the second half of 2022, said CEO and co-founder Manni Sidhu.

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Affordable and Borderless PR with Coleegs

Manni Sidhu, CEO and Co-Founder of Coleegs, speaks to TickerNews to discuss how Coleegs is solving problems in both sides of the PR media industry - businesses who can't get their story told, and journalists who have taken on self-employed roles.

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Making PR borderless and affordable

Michelle Martin speaks to Manni Sidhu, CEO and Co-Founder of Coleegs to discuss the idea of making PR borderless and affordable, the challenges of raising funds and securing the rights to Nando's chicken across parts of China.

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专访Coleegs联合创始人及CEO Manni Sidhu:让企业更好地讲出自己的故事


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Get To Know Manni Sidhu, CEO & Co-Founder Of Coleegs

Azleen Abdul Rahim interviews Manni Sidhu, CEO and Co-Founder of Coleegs, and dives deep into understanding the experience of Manni, and how it has helped in building Coleegs into what it is today.

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