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Our first product 'Global PR Media Outreach' is a modern day solution for modern day businesses - helping businesses get published in traditional media across the globe.
TV, Radio, Trade Media, Top Tier Media, Podcasts, and more.

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Media Outreach Plan

Suitable for 3 PR projects


3 Written Content Pieces

Eg. Press Releases, Opinion Editorials etc

6 Media Engagements

Eg. Exclusives, Profile Pieces, News Distribution,
Published Opinion Editorials etc

Starting at $8,950 USD, *

Monthly payment options available.

* Prices vary based on region, project scope, and team.


  • Project-based, no retainers
  • No time limit

  • Cross border
  • Assign a team of local PR professionals
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Add supplementary projects
  • Produce content
  • Pitch to media
  • Secure media
  • And more

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Publish Opinion Editorials

Features & Exclusives

Profile Pieces

Press Releases

Trade Media

Guest Commentary

Top Tier Media

TV & Radio


Importance Of Earned Media


Thought Leader Credibility


Brand Awareness

Cost Effectiveness

Stand Out From The Crowd

Frequently Asked Questions

A written content piece can be used for a Press Release, Thought Leadership (Opinion Editorial), case study piece – up to 1000 words. The content piece would then be leveraged to secure Media Engagements.
Media Engagements are successful Earned Media coverage secured as part of your Media Outreach projects. Examples of Media Engagements would be, publishing an opinion editorial, securing a feature story/exclusive/profile piece, interview with a TV/Radio/Podcast, and distribution of a press release.
Typically three. The Media Outreach plan is flexible to client's needs – most of our clients utilize the plan over three separate media outreach campaigns.
One example of a project could be drafting an opinion editorial (1 written content), publishing the opinion editorial (1 media engagement), and securing a follow up feature (1 media engagement).

Another example would be drafting a press release (1 written content), distributing the press release to targeted media (1 media engagement), and securing an exclusive from the press release (1 media engagement).
For the most part Yes - however, we do come across situations clients require something more suitable to their media outreach requirements, in which case we are more than happy to customize a media outreach plan.
Get in touch with us here to have a chat, should you have specific requirements.
For press release distributions we carefully select 10-15 targets, and send it to each one personally – the distribution would count as 1 media engagement.
We carefully select the right media targets for each Media Outreach project, and engage a targeted effort to secure a media engagement – NO spray and pray. Each project is unique, and appeals to certain editors, ultimately leading to a higher probability of securing earned media.
Unfortunately not. There’s a few reasons behind this – the first project in the Media Outreach Plan requires a significant amount of work from our journalists and publicists (researching the client, forming a strategy, opening doors with publications, and more), hence not feasible to do just one project.
Secondly, though we do have a great success rate after one project, it’s not always a home run, and requires a consistent effort over a number of projects for best results.
The plans have an expiry of 1 year – most our clients utilize a media outreach plan over 3 to 4 months.
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It's unrealistic to expect top tier media all the time. As good as we are at getting our clients media coverage, decisions still lie at the hands of respected editors and journalists. Publicity heavily relies on good stories, timing and more - it's a numbers game and requires consistent effort - our best cases are those who engage in regular projects.
Our price varies due to the magnitude of the project, and the team we need to assign. For example, the media outreach projects could be across several countries, and/or require a number of writers/journalists on the projects, who have different costs associated with them. We do our best to bring a level of consistency in our pricing, and keep it within a 10% variation of our standard pricing for projects.

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