Global PR. Anywhere, Anytime.

Execute effective PR campaigns across multiple countries in real time.
Work with a curated team of Journalists, Publicists and Writers with years of local knowledge and relationships.

Operating in:

  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • New York
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Experienced Journalists

Clients work with seasoned Journalists, Publicists with years of industry experience, strategic capabilities & hundreds of ties with publications across the globe.

No Retainers

Flexible use as needed Media Outreach plans with transparent service offerings - short term, long term, and customizable solutions.

No Borders

Don't silo your Media Outreach with multiple agencies across multiple markets. Publish articles and secure interviews within days across numerous countries - keep your communication consistent.

Beyond Press Releases

90% of press releases do not get read. Publish opinion editorials, secure features, exclusive profile pieces & more - Real Earned Media.

Innovative PR Products

Modern day PR solutions for modern day businesses - our first product 'PR Media Outreach'.

Process & Performance

From assessing each Media Outreach needs, through to delivery - we have a meticulous & unmatched process resulting in a 98% success rate.

Coleegs PR   VS   The Rest

Coleegs Agencies Newswire
No Retainers
No Borders
Experienced Team
Project Management
Results Oriented
Media Bandwidth *
PR Capabilities **

* TV, Radio, Top Tier, Trade, Podcasts, and more.

** Thought Leaderships, Op-Eds, Features, Interviews, Announcements, Press Releases, etc.