Agencies are broken

80% of businesses can't afford agencies for PR.
Pricey retainers, minimal results, and failure to evolve - has left the majority of businesses
looking for alternatives to PR agencies.
Businesses small to large need PR to scale - they deserve a better solution.

The Future of PR

With our 'PR Media Outreach' service, Coleegs has been working with businesses
around the world - helping them scale, and reach new audiences.
Have your articles published, and secure speaking engagements with
top tier publications across Asia & the UK.

  • Borderless.
  • Tech Driven.
  • Affordable.
  • Results Oriented.

Innovating with Tech

At the core of our operations is a state-of-the-art, end to end tech platform,
that makes our capabilities possible.
Our innovative tech removes the expensive, mundane, repetitive tasks where agencies charge expensive labor - so that our PR specialists can focus on clients individual needs.
With our online tools and infrastructure of specialists, businesses can execute projects across borders within days.

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