Re-Imagining How Projects Get Done

Agencies are broken!
Heavy billable hours and time consuming manual processes has made it impossible for the
vast majority of businesses to afford high quality project work.
Businesses around the world need professional services to scale - they deserve better.

Coleegs was built to address the needs of businesses today, and make professional services
more affordable and borderless.
Our innovative tech removes the expensive costs associated with agencies, without hampering service.
Clients work with an assigned project manager and vetted project specialist from end to end,
focused solely on project delivery.

Making Project Services Borderless

Even SMEs are global now, and looking to engage audiences on the other side of the world.
With our online project management system and global network of specialists, businesses can
seamlessly execute projects and build teams across borders within days.
Launch a PR campaign and reach publications across Southeast Asia, from your office in the UK.
Localize your content to markets across Asia.
Just some of our capabilities - all at a fraction of the cost to agencies.

Top Tier Specialists, Delivering Quality Projects

Carefully curated, thoroughly vetted specialists with years of expertise.
No more junior account managers - work with handpicked specialists from around the globe,
engage multiple resources for ad-hoc or long term engagements.

Innovating with Tech

At the core of our operations is a state-of-the-art, end to end tech platform,
that makes our capabilities possible.


Journey Begins

  • Interactive project onboarding
  • Customized project solution
  • Personal project management dashboard
  • Meet your project specialist

Engage Your Project

  • Customized project management tools
  • Project manager support
  • Manage project online
  • Collaborate with your team


Delivering Quality

  • Review the final product
  • Automated billing and payment
  • Assess productivity
  • Engage the next project